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514 - What If I Kill You

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514 - What If I Kill You
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February 27th, 2015

Quacker Wow guys, Dark Wick is ranked 103 - that's just amazing. Less than 2 days to go up 3 ranks!!!

Looks like we can make this happen and have Dark Wick update 5 times a week for the month of March!

Oh, and there's also a hologram projection of Madam Wick in today's strip. Hope you guys aren't disappointed.

-Marty Basto


1. Nicolas Rei - e-mailPosted on Feb 27th, 13:17

Could it be that he\'ll be the first Wick to have a truely Super Team, and therefor not need powers himself? Ok. Total long shot there.

2. MardukPosted on Feb 27th, 16:44

Correction, we\'re at 102. 101 has the same number of votes that DW does and 100 has 1 more vote than DW.

3. AnonymousPosted on Feb 27th, 17:01

and now it made top 100 with 609 votes

4. Marty BastoPosted on Feb 27th, 18:01

It certainly did guys!!!! And now I\'ll sharpen my pointy stick and poke Felle non-stop to make sure we keep our promise. Starting next week, for all of march, Dark Wick will update Monday through Friday. Thank you all for your great support! You\'re all amazing!

5. AaronPosted on Feb 27th, 18:20

Keep it going! 6 vote lead!

6. ChristopherPosted on Feb 28th, 06:28

Maybe technological progress made superpowers unessesary? Super Intelligence would not have amounted to much with the scientific basis Father Wick had to work. But it did wonders for Dr. Wick in a modern world. Emmett has assistance in the form of Vendetta.

7. DemPosted on Feb 28th, 07:29

He has been very very very lucky, though. IF luck is his power, its power can\'t really be measured. What is the extent of luck? What can you do and what you can\'t do with luck? How do you fight against luck? Maybe Emmet is one of the most powerful wicks after all... Honestly, I\'m so waiting for the day when it is all made clear.

8. AaronPosted on Feb 28th, 11:58

99! 20 more than 101.

9. kyriss12Posted on Feb 28th, 15:15

@Dem; i\'ve had the same theory myself. at one point the said the wick gifts tend to manifest in ways that match ones personality and strengths. what better gift for an uninspired slacker than just having everything fall into place.

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