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431 - Please no autographs

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431 - Please no autographs
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August 20th, 2014

Silent Pencil Man do you know how long I have been waiting to bring in the general. Marty and me have had numerous talks about him.
I think the wicks have enough going on to where a back story for each era of wick is needed.

To recap on Marty's last post about my worry and concern. I do feel in this modern day and age, that giving up your last name whether common or rare would be like lighting a fuse that leads right to your house. In kirk's defense , i'm sure he told them the general's name since he figured they will soon be dead anyway.....which is the same mistake he made with Takashi...bum bum bummmm(thinking he was dead and wasn't).

If we look at most villains,most of them all get caught and birth names become public anyway. Doctor W though has been caught and as far as we know they have not been able to identify him but according to the Warden" knows what he looks like".
My guess would be that his organization made it were his face and records don't exist and he pretty much is a ghost which would add emphasis to him well guarding his secret.

I had a few more points but once Marty made the point that it could all be to protect emmy....it was enough for me.

-Felle Jones


1. BMWPosted on Aug 20th, 03:40

Immortal zombie grandfather? Awesome.

2. jonathan - e-mailPosted on Aug 20th, 03:55

Thought The Zombies were normal mind controlled Humans?Not Undead (witch was Disappointing. So either Dr Wick Lied to the Warden or this is a fake or he has two types of Zombie?

3. ChristopherPosted on Aug 20th, 08:30

That is the old Grandfather Wick saying \"Get off my Lava Lawn!\"

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