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422 - Preachy Little Thing

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422 - Preachy Little Thing
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July 30th, 2014

Quacker When I wrote this script I had something in mind as I always do. However, when I finally did write the script and saw the strip done up for the first time, a question came to mind...

Were the conductors killed by Dark Wick or Diesel the robot for throwing them out of a speeding train?

My script doesn't specify if Dark Wick killed the conductors or only stunned them.

What do you guys think?

Also, I wrote an article on TopWebcomics about how to develop a story so if you guys are interested in learning more about our process used for Dark Wick, this is it!

Marty Doing More Talking - Here!

-Marty Basto


1. MardukPosted on Jul 30th, 11:35

I think Emmett killed them. Making them disappear before reaching the park was part of his job and tossing someone out of a train isn\'t necessarily a guaranteed kill, especially with limp unconscious bodies that won\'t tense up before impact and can simply roll with the momentum.

2. LurkergaoPosted on Jul 30th, 11:39

Realistically the only time people fall unconcious from electicity is when they have been electricuted and are likely dying. If they were merely tazed they would be screaming and/or crying from the extreme pain. But still able to move. In fictionland electricity is almost always nonlethal and used for instant KO. Whether they are alive or not is determined by how realistic you want it to be. I\'m interested in whether emmett thinks they are merely stunned. He might think his gloves are nonlethal because he\'s only seen the fictional portrayal of electricity, which being false; these are his first two kills without him knowing it.

3. LurkergaoPosted on Jul 30th, 12:01

Also somehow he shocked them so hard their eyes started glowing so I vote for the death penalty he\'s literally microwaved them to death and that glow is their vital organs igniting.

4. DrengorPosted on Jul 30th, 16:46

Initially I hadn\'t considered them dead.... Since you\'ve stated they\'re dead, I went back and looked, and if their eyesockets and mouths are bright white, their brain is pretty sure to be fried... so Emmet killed them.

5. Marty BastoPosted on Jul 30th, 17:11

What if the shock through the mouth and eyes is for dramatic effect? This is a comic after all. I like the point made about perhaps Emmett didn\'t know the power of his suit and may have killed them that way. Or is there a possibility that he just went in there, knowing what he had to do and killed them? Or did he perhaps want them alive and then Diesel the broken robot threw them out of a speeding train.

6. LurkergaoPosted on Jul 30th, 18:28

Yea comics need dramatic effect to make it clear what happened. I was actually making a stab at dark humor there. The scene is actually somewhat ambigious as any of the previously mentioned scenarios are plausible. I just prefer accidental microwave murder because it side steps the traditional can he bring himself to take a life quandry.

7. AceOfSpadePosted on Jul 30th, 19:31

I\'m pretty sure they\'re dead, how doesn\'t matter much, even if Diesel killed them Emmett did nothing to stop him. What concern me more is... Kirk said they had to disappear, but did he mean to just kill them or to actually made it look like they vanished without a trace? If I was Emmett I would have at least tried to hide the bodies instead of merely dumping them... though he can come back after stopping and sabotaging the train in the park to destroy the corpses, it\'s not like the police is going to search for the missing men along the railroad before a while.

8. MardukPosted on Jul 30th, 20:41

I considered bringing up the fact that their eyes and mouth were glowing but I figured that was more an artistic choice by Felle than an indication of how strong the shock was. Electricity also doesn\'t usually arc around outside the body but in the second panel it nearly blasts the conductor\'s hat off his head. If we\'re going by purely visual kills Emmett definitely killed them. But after his training with Mr. Kirk I\'m assuming that killing nameless average Joes doesn\'t faze Emmett, especially with those dollar signs covering his eyes.

9. MardukPosted on Jul 30th, 20:42

*visual cues not kills

10. RaithPosted on Jul 30th, 22:46

I personally don\'t think Emmit cared if they died or not, they just were no longer in his way... exactly as a growing Super-villain should feel.

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