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417 - It's a Blast

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417 - It's a Blast
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July 21st, 2014

Quacker Cover of Darkness....Hidden in the smoke....and now Grenades.

I guess he did know how to approach Doctor W and pose a threat. Most of you seem to think that Doctor Wick is able to accomplish the impossible, I don't think he can fight what he cant see.

Should be interesting nonetheless how he reacts to Grenades.

-Marty Basto


1. Nicolas ReiPosted on Jul 21st, 11:07

What\'s the odd those grenades hit a bullet proof glass, bounce back and injure the tosser. The glass would be hard to notice sliding into place when the dark and smoke hide it. And has that idiot ever tried to run away in darkness and smoke? It\'s very difficult to hit your target, yes, and very difficult for the target to get far with any accuracy. He\'s using a very chaotic attempt at an attack on a man who creates chaos by brushing teeth.

2. Marty BastoPosted on Jul 21st, 11:12

Indeed but that\'s the beauty of the grenade though, you don\'t need to be accurate to cause damage.

3. ThrendorPosted on Jul 21st, 11:53

Just a note: the \'spoons\' on the grenades haven\'t left the grenade... so he probably forgot the pull the pins. (pulling the pin on one is not easy, four at once? Not very likely.)

4. AceOfSpadePosted on Jul 21st, 14:41

@Threndor: or maybe they\'re slightly defective, I heard it happens, grenades on wich you pull the pin but they stay blocked... thought they might still explode, hitting the floor could unblock them I think the doctor might be able to get out of lethal range and to use the assistant as a human shield against shrapnel (he can, he is a villain after all). Thought these don\'t look like fragmentation grenades... let me check... could be after all, they look a bit like M67. But I\'m going to guess these a concussion grenades, which have much smaller casualty radius in open area but are deadlier inside because it has more shockwave. Still pretty sure that the doctor will survive, because he\'s awesome like that

5. AceOfSpadePosted on Jul 21st, 14:49

Just thought of something... what if Dr. Wick intelligence isn\'t his power? What if he\'s just that smart? I can totally picture Takahashi waiting for the explosion outside but then nothing and Dr Wick goes out the front door and Takahashi being \"NO IT\'S IMPOSSIBLE! HOW??\" and Dr Wick saying \"I\'ve got control over grenades, it\'s mostly pretty lame for a power except in a few situations... oh hey, guess who shouldn\'t have kept spare grenades on himself?\"

6. jonathan - e-mailPosted on Jul 21st, 15:06

I really REALLY Hope Takahashi IS not supposed to be anything other than bad comedy. He really is that STUPID.

7. Marty BastoPosted on Jul 21st, 15:35

Jonathan: Is he though? From what we know about him, he kept his mouth shut and saw his beloved organization spiral down from King of the Hill to a small force to be dealt with. When Doctor Wick got captured, that\'s when he took action to initiate some positive changes as he saw fit. He\'s a business man that wants power. I don\'t know about you guys but I would have to think that he must have supporters if he\'s going to take this risk...just my two cents.

8. BystanderPosted on Jul 21st, 21:47

There other possibility that comes of this is that Doctor Wick is killed, and Takahashi does take over SISSI. In addition, Kirk is also killed by Takahashi. However, given that he is the titular character, Emmett will survive the assault on his life. The loss of his father (Dr. Wick) and mentor (Kirk) would the event that pushes Emmett over the edge and activates the Wick Gene. Then one of the over-arching story arcs could be the return of the Wick family to power, or a different path would be that SISSI now becomes a major opponent to Emmett. However, the latter option does not make much sense, as SISSI is such a large organization with so many connections and so much information about Emmett, that it would theoretically be easy to squash him. Oh, it just occurred to me that if bodies are dropping, Kirk\'s body might be getting dropped by the intruders into Dr. Wick\'s lair.

9. FellePosted on Jul 21st, 23:18

Threndor: i agree that pulling 4 pins isn\'t likely BUT my therory was you only need to pull one. The first explosion should be enough to take care of the rest.

10. ThrendorPosted on Jul 21st, 23:40

Fell: not sure, they never gave me enough live ones at the same time to find out... Though there is a limited distance for sympathetic explosions as well (not sure what that is on these, sorry). Anyway, back to an excellent story!

11. ThrendorPosted on Jul 21st, 23:48

oops! sorry for the typo... Felle. Quick addition: what I\'d really love to see is an epic fail by Takahashi where Dr. Wick gets a goose-egg from getting hit with grenade. (Of course he then obliges Takahashi by pulling the pin for him and tossing it back). It wraps up the whole smart-villain vs villain-wanna-be in a nice package.

12. LurkergaoPosted on Jul 22nd, 02:12

Ooooo ooo I need to chip in on the Takahashi hate, Mostly I think he\'s a pawn. I think somebody else on the council fed his ego and made him think he could actually take over sissi. Probably the same one that pulled the strings to get him healed up from his fatal sword strike. also I think this Lurkersissi if you will was the one responsible for the incarceration of the doctor in the first place. Takahashi got no game! Doctor W can\'t be killed by no grenades! he can throw the secretary on top of the grenades!

13. AnonymousPosted on Jul 22nd, 02:34

Seems the obvious solution would be to run towards Takahashi\'s voice. Being the most likely spot that he did not throw any live grenades would be at his own feet.

14. Ty - e-mailPosted on Jul 22nd, 10:14

The spoon\'s have not left the grenade which for them to arm, they need to be detached. I know this is a comic, so anything can happen. One would imagine that he did his research before drawing them. Maybe he didn\'t realize that he hadn\'t pulled the pins and or released the spoons before tossing the grenades. Also, there is a safety clip on the grenades when you take them out of the container. I only got to throw a live one once. The rest were just dummy grenades.

15. jonathan wint - e-mailPosted on Jul 22nd, 12:42

Warned him did not say chicken, threatened Child. Yes thats Stupid.

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