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502 - Abandoned

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502 - Abandoned
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January 30th, 2015

Quacker Hey guys, sorry for the delay in Wednesday's update. I was supposed to do the update myself but then got hit by a severe case of vertigo which threw me off. Thankfully Felle was there to upload the file.

Looking back at the last few strips...a lot has happened, a lot has taken place for many of the characters...This volume, although there are still 3 pages left, was a growing moment for many characters.

MAESTRO: This man is cocky as hell. Despite his over confidence he seems to deliver on his promises. I think today's strip also shows that he may not be as stupid as we thought him to be. He does have a plan and he is quick to adapt. However, stealing from Doctor W was a risky move, facing him again might be deadly. Time will tell if his overconfidence can match up with the Wicks.

LYNX: Till now, the only other being that was able to stand up to Lynx was her Master. Her agility and armor made her strong against law officials but proved to me insufficient when facing another armored super power. When realizing she was being abandoned by her master, Lynx seems to have lost her mind. Let's see if she can get herself out of this mess before it's too late.

BARD: This young man has gotten a boost of confidence like none before. It seems that as soon as he was granted authority by the Warden, the kid just burst out with confidence. It may seem illogical in a way but with the City's Super Hero gone and the main line of defence, the prison, destroyed - his failure cannot be an option. Yet it does seem like he has a long way to go before he can match his father again.

DARK WICK: Something is happening to Emmett. When he is wearing the Dark Wick suit, his mind somewhat changes. To this day, luck was on his side. This time, it seems as if his skills got him through the day. It is unclear yet if he did or did not kill anyone. But one thing is for certain, he was certainly willing to get the job done with Lynx. There may be some evil residing within him after all.

DOCTOR WICK: This is the world's most evil being, yet in this volume he has shown the most heart. His feelings for Vicky may be the start of something grand as he may be able to guide Vendetta into a great villain but what will come of him. Will his feelings become a weakness that the curse will have to rectify?

WARDEN: What a useless man...

There are only a few pages left for this volume and boy am I excited for it. I hope you all love our surprise!

-Marty Basto


1. Nicolas Rei - e-mailPosted on Jan 31st, 11:29

With Bard being sound based, it would be funny if he just overheard all of that and passed it on to the Warden. Who then judiciously lets it slip to Dark Wick. Seems like a situation they could use to their advantage.

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