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446 - The Wick Supremacy

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446 - The Wick Supremacy
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September 22nd, 2014

Quacker Hey Everyone!

Hope you all had a good ripping weekend...ok no more puns.

This has been a very exciting journey for me. In fact, it was quite a rollercoaster but a fun experience nonetheless. However, I had never, in a million years expected so many of you to actually want Vicky to become a super villain with such various powers.

I always thought that Vicky was the voice of reason, the small anchor in a world of constant chaos. Although the past events involving her, including the shunning she received from her idol, can definitely be perceived as a breaking point.

With that being said, you all seem to think that Doctor Wick is going to play a tremendous role in the creation of Vicky 2.0. Although this man is the definition of the word evil, he still remains a father figure above all else. I believe that was proven on multiple occasion....when he's not high on meth as some would call.....

We know now, that Doctor Wick infected his Grandfather with the Zombie virus to prevent him from dying of cancer. I'd like to ask you all to look at it in a psychological way....is Doctor W afraid of loss? Mainly losing those he loves. With that being said, would he ever risk transforming Vicky into a Vampire being as so many of you have been talking about?

What if something goes wrong? It could alienate his only son. What if he ends up creating an ultimate uncontrollable monster that would turn against him and Emmett? It could destroy the very life he knows and love. Finally, what if his experiment is successful and Vicky does become a vampire. Would this be what SHE wanted?

We talk a lot about Doctor Wick getting involved in Vicky's transformation. She wants to be beautiful. Fate, seems to want to keep preventing that from happening.

Doctor Wick voiced his concern about Vicky joining Dark Wick. He feels that she will not be able to handle it. With that fear in mind, if you guys are right and he proceeds with her transformation, how would Vicky react to such a change of life?

After all, she only made the decision to go through with the surgery. We don't know yet, if she was planning on staying with Emmett or returning to a normal life.

-Marty Basto


1. Nicolas Rei - e-mailPosted on Sep 22nd, 10:47

I suspect she\'s of two minds on that. She would love to be \"cool\". If the Doc arranges her being a beautiful superpower, it would make his son very happy, and therefor be worth tredding on her innocence. This would be acceptable under the Wick curse. He\'d be helping her, but at the same time hurting her. She\'d lose some of her innocence. Probably leaving her with periods of zeal, remorse, rage, depression, appreciation, self-loathing, resentment, revelry and fangirldom. So yes, she\'d become the very unstable rock that keeps the Dark Wick from being completely evil. Much like having a son kept the Doctor from losing everything that was good within him. Perhapse that is a part of the Wick curse. Why they are so strong. They each have something that keeps them from ever giving up.

2. Nicolas Rei - e-mailPosted on Sep 22nd, 10:49

Oh, and Kirk. Ultimate evil henchman. Bravo.

3. Marty BastoPosted on Sep 22nd, 10:55

It is very good for Kirk...henchmen are always so under rated.

4. JimmnyPosted on Sep 22nd, 11:26

Kirk has quickly become my favourite character, the balls he has to bring Emmet to the lair, save him from the prison and now, taking on two super powers? All this and the closest thing he has to a super power is an advanced immune system brought on by super-steroids. Hes got balls man

5. Marty BastoPosted on Sep 22nd, 11:34

Here\'s a question for you Jimmy....is it Balls or Blind Loyalty? Everything he has is because of Doctor W. He was a no body until he befriended the Doctor after all.

6. MardukPosted on Sep 22nd, 12:22

I think that even if Vicky went back to her normal life, she\'d quickly rejoin Emmett and become a supervillain herself. Vicky has spent her whole life being mocked and ignored by the people around her and the people she looked up to. If she were suddenly beautiful and well liked because of it she would feel alone, grow to hate how shallow the people of the world are, and seek out the one friend who was always with her through the bad times.

7. AeonsPosted on Sep 22nd, 12:37

Another thing to keep in mind is that Vicky used to worship super powered individuals. After dealing with Lt. Glory, she lost her belief in the goodness of her heroes. Whether she will become a villain or not is yet to be seen but i wouldn\'t be surprised. Though i wonder why people think she\'ll end up with powers. She can make robots and power suits. Why would she need powers? I figure if Dr. Wick can\'t heal her scars she\'ll make a supersuit for herself.

8. kerbloowyPosted on Sep 22nd, 14:01

Leaving the whole Vicky 2.0 thing aside for a moment, I think it\'s safe to say that Vicky will remain loyal to the Wicks. Who have always accepted her and showed her affection? Why should she have any particular regard for the morals of a world that has done nothing but reject her? I\'m not saying she\'s going to grab an RPG and set the city on fire or go crushing guys heads like Lynx, but I can definitely see her continuing to work with/for Emmett, both as an advisor and putting her technical skills to good use. I\'m very interested to see how Doctor W handles the situation, and his as-of-now unpaid debt.

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