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458 - Unlikely Duo

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458 - Unlikely Duo
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October 20th, 2014

Quacker I think someone is about to be shaken....

If all goes according to plan...we'll have the Lord Wick backstory on Wednesday.

-Marty Basto


1. BmwPosted on Oct 20th, 21:09

How does maestro know the cargo is explosive?

2. Marty BastoPosted on Oct 20th, 21:26

Oil tanks on a train are very easy to identify

3. BmwPosted on Oct 21st, 01:17

Normally tanks are not transported with ammo loaded, and if it was, there would have been more personnel on the train. Besides a crash wouldn\'t set off normal ammunition of any kind, besides some type of impact explosives.

4. AceOfSpadePosted on Oct 21st, 07:53

@Bmw: Oil tanks. Oil is flammable. Very much so in fact. And when you set a large quantity of something flammable on fire fast it doesn\'t just burn, it goes boom too.

5. Marty BastoPosted on Oct 21st, 09:58

@BMW @AceOfSpade - That is true, as a matter of fact, a train derailed in Canada, province of Quebec over a year ago carrying oil and the explosion destroyed most of the town killing many.

6. AnonymousPosted on Oct 21st, 12:54

It doesn\'t have to be oil. Liquified natural gas tanks look the same. So do tanks of liquid fertilizer, insecticides, herbicides... Really, let me just cut to the chase. Tanks rupturing=BAD NEWS.

7. AnonymousPosted on Oct 21st, 16:55

worst case scenario is one or two rupture and catch fire, super heating the other tanks, which then go boom (except in a much bigger way)

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