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450 - What Comes Around Goes Around

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450 - What Comes Around Goes Around
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October 1st, 2014

Quacker For a very long time now, I've been struggling not to tell you guys that this was all Kirk's plan to fake the General's death and to let Lady AI escape but I'm glad I kept it to myself. Kirk is not a stupid man after all.

So, who figured it out that it was all a plan to lead them to their master?

Also, I haven't forgotten, today we talk about the reason for the Wick Curse...Father Wick. Don't mind the bad grammar, this was never meant to be published.

 photo FatherWick_zps270def9b.jpg

A long time ago, when the Americas were still young with it bourgeoning settlers, there was a young priest serving the new colony of Arc Settlement. This little village later became Arc City. However things weren't always as prospering as it is today. In the early days, Arc Settlement was challenged constantly by disease, flooding, heat waves, even constant attacks from barbarians hoping to score some rations.

Times were grim but life remained better when compared to the life they had just escaped.

One faithful day, the young priest fell in love with a beautiful young lady who arrived to Arc Settlement with her family. In no time at all, both fell in love. A forbidden love as it were, as Priests are forbidden to partake in such sins. The young lady became pregnant.

The village was in an uproar. The beautiful young lady, beaten half to death by her kin was found by her lover who grabbed her and escaped through the woods while being chased by some villagers. Escape did not come easy but both have survived.

Father Wick managed to find a small abandoned hut in the woods. He set the love of his life down on a few rags. Together they had escaped those who turned against them. However, her life, along with the unborn baby inside her belly was slipping away.

Father Wick, a loving, caring young man, dedicated his whole life to helping those in need while spreading the faith he held so dear. Yet he was being punished for having found love, for having found his soulmate. In a final desperate attempt to save his lover, he turned to a power greater than him.

The young, naïve priest tried to summon a demon to make a deal. The request was answered by Lucifer himself, appearing through the dark flames of the fire within the hut.

Lucifer explained that the world requires balance. When the forces of light becomes too strong, people become complacent, ignorant and overly secure. The woman and unborn child will survive under the condition that the Wick family help spread the balance and keep the world in fear until the end of the curse and the rebirth of pure evil.

Father Wick agrees. Lucifer in a swift motion grants the powers to control the shadows and the ability to summon demons to the Priest. As of this day, Father Wick is to be the guardian of the curse and the guiding force for all future Wicks.

The girl finally woke up, her pregnancy much further along. Although she did receive her powers, her condition did not allow her to partake in any of the activities led by her husband.

Father Wick, with the help of the shadows destroyed countless settlements. Men, Women and Children all suffered the same faith. A wave of destruction followed wherever the Priest set foot. Anywhere there was a shadow, danger lurked as Father Wick was always watching, waiting for the perfect moment to tear his victims apart.

When the baby was born, Father Wick vowed that his son would rule as King. He vowed that for his son's first birthday, the Americas will belong to the Wicks.

His wife, still weak from giving birth wishes her husband luck as he performs the ritual and summons an army of powerful demons. The attack lasted for months, with fire ravaging the land, as far as the eyes could see. Father Wick seemed indestructible.

As he stood atop a hill, a storm slowing coming in, Father Wick watches as his demons shred through a small city with the cries of its populace shrieking through the night. Victory would be his. As he approaches the city, he is greeted by the Archbishop, on his knees begging the young priest to stop this madness. Father Wick, with his eyes black, with the shadows invading his face raises his weapon in hopes of beheading his former master.

With his staff in the air, lightning strikes him down.

The Archbishop rises, picks up the burning staff from the suffering Father Wick.

"My son, God is not on your side. Return to Hell with your Demons!"

With a swift move, the Archbishop kills off Father Wick with his own weapon.

Father Wick's journey was short lived. However, his contribution to the generations to come served far more valuable than anyone could have imagined. His death may have come quick, but it definitely served as a motivation for revenge.

The World rejoiced as peace and security would soon return to the land. Ignorant to the anger brewing inside the Infamous Sorceress Wick, hungry for the blood of those who killed her husband.

-Marty Basto


1. jonathan wint - e-mailPosted on Oct 1st, 14:19

Oh wow Can it be spread by marriage or was it just that first time? And the cure will last till Pure Evil is reborn? So it was born once before was it Lucifer And Will he be a future Wick? Here a Ugly thought could he be the current Wick?

2. Marty BastoPosted on Oct 1st, 14:32

At least it was enough to make you guys think :P

3. MardukPosted on Oct 1st, 18:50

So the lightning struck him just before he killed an archbishop while destroying a city. I can see why they thought God was the one to strike down Father Wick. I\'m looking forward to Sorceress Wick on Friday.

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