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449 - Stop Her

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449 - Stop Her
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September 29th, 2014

Quacker Hey everyone, hope you all had a great weekend. So, I guess we did it again and made a strip full of disappointment. Lady AI got away.

Now before the hate train starts again, I wanted to talk about something else that's been on my mind lately....

The Wick Family.

In the last few weeks, we've been talking a lot about the Wicks and the heritage of villainy that they have created. It is a known fact that each past Wick accomplished great things in their lifetime, moulding the world in their image. It is also a known fact that the Wick Gene is getting less and less powerful as the generations pass.

Some of you did mention that the powers bestowed upon the new Wicks aren't really weaker than the previous. I would agree with that, however we consider the Gene being weaker due to a wide variety of issues including a limit to the amount of super powers and the weaker mind and psychological well being. The curse is taking its toll on many of the Wicks.

How can we know that for sure?

Well the story itself follows the birth and growth of Dark Wick. Therefore there will not be a major focus on the Past Wick. It may touch on the subject a bit but it will not linger. Although, I feel that we should review the past Wick and learn a bit more, in hope that the whole family heritage will make sense to the readers.

Therefore, you can consider these little comments as creative rants from me or as a tiny little wiki serving as a look through the creative glass.

In the next few updates, I will be talking about each passed Wick and give out a bit of information about them as well as sharing a pinup of what they looked like at the peak of their career.

Tune in on Wednesday for our first legend, and the start of it all...Father Wick

-Marty Basto


1. SinnPosted on Sep 29th, 13:07

Oh man, I\'m really looking forward to hearing more details about the Wick ancestors.

2. MardukPosted on Sep 29th, 19:11

I don\'t know what I\'m more excited for, more Wick lore or Felle\'s pinups of Sorceress and Madame Wick.

3. jonathan wint - e-mailPosted on Sep 29th, 20:34

10 to 1 she is screwed.. For one thing I am betting since its sitting in Lava the Castles of the grid.

4. Nicolas Rei - e-mailPosted on Sep 30th, 01:52

Eh, she gets away if the story needs her to, if not, there are lots of ways they can catch her. Sounds like she\'s planning on using the stuff to leverage herself to more power if she can.

5. ChristopherPosted on Sep 30th, 06:02

While the castle is most defintely off-the-grid, the local network could still get her close enough to an exit that she can outrun Kirk and the General. Of course they knew who the baron was, they sure as hell know who she is. And that she would try to escape via the wired network.

6. jonathan wint - e-mailPosted on Sep 30th, 08:37

Looking forward to the legend Wednesday.

7. neon5162Posted on Sep 30th, 08:40

will there be a steampunk wick ruling the lands with his army of steambots or a clockwork wick with a similar army of robots.

8. MardukPosted on Sep 30th, 10:59

@neon, No. The Wick\'s and their armies are Father-Demons, Sorceress-Witches, Lord-Vampires, Madame-Prostitutes, General-Mercenaries, and Doctor-Zombies. Emmett will presumably have an army of robots, probably created by Vicky.

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