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550 - No more talking for you.

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550 - No more talking for you.
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May 1st, 2015

Silent Pencil Hey hey guys, sorry for the confusion. Shiv now can't run his mouth....but is there anything really left to say?

-Felle Jones


1. AshmelechPosted on May 1st, 20:02


2. Christopher - e-mailPosted on May 2nd, 10:39

Used once before? Destroyed demons? That priest that halted father wick?

3. MardukPosted on May 2nd, 17:50

@Christopher, Possible but unlikely. Maestro has been talking about Atlantis being hidden for thousands of years while Father Wick didn\'t get his powers until colonial era America. He was also struck down by a lightning bolt, but there\'s nothing that\'s been mentioned about Father Wick\'s life that indicates anyone could stand up to him. The Grail was probably either what gave Jesus his powers or a pre-Mesopotamian artifact that caused so much chaos it hit the restart button on human civilization.

4. Nicolas Rei - e-mailPosted on May 4th, 02:56

If it only had the power to destroy entire populations, he could care less, it would just further whichever side had it. This thing is so dangerous it can break the balance or everything to a point of being a true end.

5. AlphaPosted on May 4th, 10:14

All I can think is if the grail is used and power has to be restored... what kind of powers would Emmet get to counter act it?

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