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418 - The Sacrifice

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418 - The Sacrifice
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July 23rd, 2014

Quacker Today, I am going to pull a Peter Griffin:

You know what really grinds my gears; when people know your characters so well that they can predict what else is going to take place in the following strips.

Who am I kidding. I'm honored that people know our characters so well. I guess it was pretty obvious that the best course of action for Doctor Wick was to use the nice nurse as a shield. But, with the amount of grenades that were launched, it doesn't seem like it made all that much of a difference.

I mean four grenades will cause damage. Will it be enough to kill the Doctor? Well, Takahashi certainly hopes so.

-Marty Basto


1. BystanderPosted on Jul 23rd, 10:37

Assuming that it is the Doctor that pushed the nurse (probably on top of the grenades) and then got behind the table, he will probably survive through a combination of the nurse absorbing a decent chunk of the blast and the table shielding him from the rest of the blast and the debris. Or, he dies and the story takes a different turn. There is always that.

2. LurkergaoPosted on Jul 23rd, 13:41

Haha vindication!

3. AnonymousPosted on Jul 23rd, 14:39

Depends if these grenades function like they do in real life. If so the shrapnel (what grenades actually use to kill people) should be absorbed by the table. The explosion of a real grenade isn\'t designed to be huge, so that should be minimal.

4. Marty BastoPosted on Jul 23rd, 15:28

Lurkergao: Yeah, well I still have one surprise left hidden in my sleeve!!! .......Please don\'t guess it :P

5. ericPosted on Jul 23rd, 18:37

yep called it. dont fret this just means youve done an excellent job of protraying your characters

6. Nicolas Rei - e-mailPosted on Jul 24th, 03:57

Under kill Takahashi? You know better than to under kill. Tsk. You\'ll have to die. Everyone knows the only way to kill an evil genius madman is to drop the whole city on his head.

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