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375 - The Lady is In

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375 - The Lady is In
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April 14th, 2014

Quacker Hey Everyone it's Monday!

I must be the only one in the world that is actually happy it's Monday...

Oh well...I'm strange.

A long, long time ago, back when Dark Wick was just starting, we had a strip that first introduced the Warden as he briefed Lieutenant Glory on her first mission in the series. That was way back in strip 014. When I wrote this script, I wanted to depict what type of leader the Warden really was, a man of power who uses technology to get things done.

The script itself, called for a couple of inmates on the screens, some static and a Doctor Wick dancing like a ballerina for the camera in his cell.

Since we didn't know what Doctor Wick looks like under his cloak, we dropped the last part... Well Felle did... I still think it would have been hilarious...but thanks to Felle, the story makes sense now :P

Where was I going with this...

Oh right, for those of you who don't know the full history, Felle took the script and created two characters in the computer screens as the script demanded. These were merely background characters with no real meaning.

Or so we thought.

The girl in the corner was so popular that we received the most emails ever asking about who she was. Then, close to Christmas time, we asked everyone who they wanted to see in a special Christmas pinup. The unnamed girl was chosen with the Lieutenant.

 photo xmas1_zps7ed8accf.jpg

The results were surprising to us because she became extremely popular. So, we had no choice. We decided to invite the new character to the cast list. We knew nothing of this girl, nor did we ever plan for her. She needed to be incorporated into the story somehow. Since it was a fan chosen character, we decided to allow the people to decide her name.

We gathered suggestions for a bit, picked some of our favorites and created a poll. Lady AI was the winning name.

 photo LadyAI1_zpsbfa8f658.png

We decided after her creation that her powers would be to have the ability to control and upload herself into electronics using her special hand that is similar to a motherboard. An ability that would definitely prove helpful at times.

Last Christmas, we decided to do another special Christmas pinup and the choices were still very much the same. This time, Lady AI and Dark Wick were chosen.

 photo ChristmasPinup20141_zpsd2b4a54a.jpg

The trends were set...Lady AI was a fan favorite.

It took a long time to get to this point but we needed to ensure that the story continued to make sense in order to introduce her into the storyline. Well, we obviously don't need to wait any more. The Lady is finally here, in action.

It took over 350 strips, but she is here.

Maybe that's not enough...Well I'm glad to report that she will play a very important role into Tales From Arc City, which is a prequel to Dark Wick, happening mere months before the beginning of the webcomic. This story does not follow the main cast, but sheds light onto secondary characters to show their own backstories.

I hope you all enjoyed this little history lesson, since for me, it was an event that completely changed everything but definitely for the better.

-Marty Basto


1. AnonymousPosted on Apr 14th, 14:55

And thus you have gained your own Morph, a character meant as a one off but considered so popular by your fans you had to bring them back, granted your character wasn\'t \"killed\" the first time seen but it\'s a similar deal. Anyways look forward to seeing more of this and all your wonderfully awesome characters

2. Marty BastoPosted on Apr 14th, 15:18

Thank you Anonymous...That was really kind. And no, I\'m not a fan of killing off characters without them making their mark on the comic. That\'s just lazy writing... :P

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