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444 - The Baron's Surprise

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444 - The Baron's Surprise
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September 17th, 2014

Quacker And there you have it. Yes the General is alive. His head was still properly attached to his body. General Wick, a man capable of withstanding a gunshot really shouldn't be killed by one hit of an axe.

With that being said, there is obviously a reason why they would want to encourage the divide and conquer method. The true reasoning will be coming soon.

-Marty Basto


1. NecronomPosted on Sep 17th, 11:58

huh I didn\'t see that one coming . . . Nice job!

2. LurkergaoPosted on Sep 17th, 12:08

What a twissssst! But srsly kurt dont put face so close to vampire fangs. Dont get cocky we are all second class villains here

3. Yakumo - e-mailPosted on Sep 17th, 13:55

Love it. Not surprised at this. It so fits. And I like the REASON for the ploy too. Need to add would before rather in the bottom speech bubble of the third panel.

4. jonathan wint - e-mailPosted on Sep 17th, 16:31

Now thats what I call a Fight!

5. ChristopherPosted on Sep 18th, 05:38

That was the general palying dead. I guess now comes playing \"pull legs and wings off insects\". Either the maestor has to accept that the polutonium is defintely in another castle, or this will become a all out Team-Dr.W vs team-mae fight.

6. jonathan wint - e-mailPosted on Sep 18th, 11:57

You know one thing about this bothers me. There were easier places to get plutonium I mean the Girl can Effectively Teleport so why not a Sub or even a Ship like a Icebreaker in the Arctic? And Even if her Teleport had Limits Why not a Nuclear Goverment base? Why Attack an Organization with unknown resources and with only information on it you got is that Everyone that ever Attacks it Dies or never seen again? Ether Maestro Dumb as a Sack of hammers or he Wanted to be Rid of A.I. Girl And the Vampire or did he just Want to Test the defences?

7. LurkergaoPosted on Sep 18th, 12:14

I ve been thinking this world has super powers integrated with its gov at all levels. Those places have their own lt glories that are still fully functioning. Arc city is pretty screwed because it lost its super hero. Lt glories are rare but not unique basically. Every major city would have one. Raiding federal facilities would bring down federal supes. And maestro for all his posturing is basically a bank robber not a mafia don. He\'s gotta stay in lt glories jurisdiction while shes out of action. Also he is crazy and reckless his master plan involved getting the shit beat out of him and then thrown in prison. Dum dum dum!

8. Marty BastoPosted on Sep 18th, 12:57

Jonathan and Lurkergao - those are very good points. As it is true that there would be other means to get the plutonium, the Maestro is staying in Arc City because he needs to sink the city to raise Atlantis. Lady AI does have a significant limit to her powers. For one, she must be able to put her hand on a device to upload herself. Then her entire movements are limited to a very specific radius. To go after the plutonium owned by Doctor W, it can be seen as a collaboration between two villains. Or simply as a theft. But is it safer to deal with one person than an entire army? I would think so.

9. Marty BastoPosted on Sep 18th, 12:59

At the same time though, the Universe of this comic is pretty much restricted to one city. Is it different than why the Joker stays in Gotham? I don\'t want to use this as an excuse because all previous Wick\'s were global villains but the Maestro is no where near the level of the Wicks and he just needs the perfect city to sink and a tight deadline.

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