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484 - The world is shallow

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484 - The world is shallow
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December 19th, 2014

Silent Pencil I know everyone is thinking it "does she look like a mountain of bloody bacon now?"

-Felle Jones


1. AlphaPosted on Dec 19th, 09:53

Well does she? Are we gonna get to see her soon?

2. AlphaPosted on Dec 19th, 09:54

Well does she? Are we gonna get to see her soon?

3. kerbloowyPosted on Dec 19th, 12:03

Because every evil Emperor needs a Darth Vader.

4. neon5162Posted on Dec 19th, 12:46

shes more machine now than man. come on make it happen ROBOT VICKY MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

5. Yakumo - e-mailPosted on Dec 19th, 14:41

Script long monologs much guys? :p

6. ChristopherPosted on Dec 19th, 19:34

Dark Wick. And Dark Vicky?

7. Nicolas Rei - e-mailPosted on Dec 19th, 21:56

Voting for.... Plastic Surgery went great. She\'s smoking hot. But her nerves are ruined. Constant pain and suffering, making her hate the beauty she gained in the skin. Unable to feel a loving touch, she has no use for affection now. Cybernetic implants become her norm, as she doesn\'t feel them. Bouts of massive depression split with manic glee when she\'s committing destructive acts. Emmett keeps seeing her as Vicky and worrying about her during depressions, and fearing her when she hits her manias. What can I say? It\'d be fun.

8. NaraskaePosted on Dec 19th, 23:48

Arise Dark Vick, right hand lady to Dark Wick!

9. ChristopherPosted on Dec 20th, 07:39

@Nicolas Rei: I think her hands do look pretty now. But in turn her face is scarred (as the fire went right into her oxygen mask).

10. jonPosted on Dec 20th, 11:31

Dumb, Vicky blames the world and society for getting torched in a villain\'s hideout? That\'s like breaking and entering a place, hurting yourself in the process and claiming it was an elaborate trap. I really think the writing needs improvement on some things, this is one. Why the hell did she need to have her plastic surgery done in the lair anyway? Its plastic surgery not plotting a crime.

11. Marty BastoPosted on Dec 20th, 13:59

@jon I don\'t think it\'s because of this one incident that Vicky has given up. This has been an uphill battle and just when she finally thinks it\'s over and she will be accepted by others, as far as she is concerned of course, it\'s all taken away once again. From being bullied by people growing up to even her idol Lt Glory bullied her and shattered her reality. It\'s a cumulative effect

12. JimmnyPosted on Dec 21st, 13:26

Her body was ruined in owing to an accident during her surgery, but we can rebuild her.... we have the technology

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