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445 - Pop goes the baron

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445 - Pop goes the baron
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September 19th, 2014


Come on, how many of you really thought the general was going to be 8 foot pushover? By now I can say we all know Kirk doesn't do ANYTHING without a plan in place....a damn good one at that. It is sad to see Baron go though....he was the most well mannered villain I ever saw.

So how many guessed who Lady A.I.'s old master was?

-Felle Jones


1. Marty BastoPosted on Sep 19th, 10:00

Oh...while we remember the Baron\'s short time with us, how many of you noticed that both Shiv the croc man and Baron first appeared in strip 154?

2. MechianRed - e-mailPosted on Sep 19th, 12:29

New fan, recently found the comic, I must say this is a really interesting story and enjoyable artwork. On another note shouldn\'t that be \"has perished\"?

3. ChristopherPosted on Sep 19th, 16:52

Since the Wicks pretty much created Vampirism, they know how to keep one dead too. Something has to have happened to that one Wick after all. And on practical part of having a castle like this is that you can just dispose of bodies in the lava.

4. LurkergaoPosted on Sep 19th, 20:21

I\'m imagining some supervillain real estate agency advertising the beneficial aspects of homes built on lava. \'Corpse disposal is both quick AND easy.\' And you dont need to mow the lawn.

5. MardukPosted on Sep 19th, 21:38

I didn\'t completely believe that the General was dead but it wouldn\'t have surprised me if you decided to use that as a twist. That kind of anticlimactic let-down seemed to fit the Dark Wick world and probably could have made for some comedic moments later, or some badass vengeance from Dr. W when he found out what the Baron had done.

6. jonathan wint - e-mailPosted on Sep 20th, 05:54

Off with his Head! But do not kill the hot Blond! Dr Wick going to need her body... or at least need her SKIN!

7. jonathan wint - e-mailPosted on Sep 20th, 06:06

I just thought of a old movie term that might have a new Meaning for Lady AI, Cutting Room floor... Hope she planned on being a Organ Donor. I wonder If the can get anything useful from Baron ? Say a blood transfusion or a heart? Vickie Might Like having a Undead Blond Body. Or they might just need to use both bodies as there will not be enough left otherwise after Kirks done with them. Super strength regeneration teleporting imortal. Yes 2 for one sale might work out.

8. jonathan wint - e-mailPosted on Sep 20th, 13:15

I just Had a thought Vicky had a Robot Puppy.Bullies broke. If She goes High teck Vampire can you see a grown up Robotic Wolf/worg break bullies ?

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