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460 - Don't turn ya back to a cat

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460 - Don't turn ya back to a cat
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October 24th, 2014

Silent Pencil Warden over there making rookie mistakes. YOU DIDN'T SURVIVE A EVENT WITH FRIENDS!!!
If it was me I would of shot out lynx's knee caps while we was busy getting saved.

-Felle Jones


1. Yakumo - e-mailPosted on Oct 24th, 13:57

Second panel, no apostrophe s should follow where. Either where are or maybe where\'re, but the latter looks strange in print.

2. LurkergaoPosted on Oct 24th, 14:06

Okay warden is out. So dw odds improved considerably as bard and maestro are fighting again. And now its three versus 1 as bard and lynx duke it out over saving killing the warden. Lynx in another life you were the starscream.

3. neon5162Posted on Oct 24th, 18:50

and que the robotic thriller zombie dance number

4. Nicolas Rei - e-mailPosted on Oct 25th, 00:34

I am still hopeful for The General, Kirk, and their quarry complicating the situation. You know, 3 way battle. The bots and Dark VS Meistro VS Bard, while the Warden manages to buy himself a few minutes before that electric user pops in, bringing The General into the brawl. Kirk meanwhile turning the Warden\'s suspicions off of him, as he recovers from being spotted as he helps the Warden retreat and call reinforcements, claiming to have been in the area, and concerned about civilians needing help. But that\'s just me personally.

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