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547 - A Shift In Balance

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547 - A Shift In Balance
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April 24th, 2015

Quacker Yeah....asking the guy who got you pinned down to let you go is a pretty stupid request...

-Marty Basto


1. Yakumo - e-mailPosted on Apr 24th, 13:52

Shiv has himself convinced he has it all worked out. There is a lot that can mess up with him. But yeah, General Wick really needs a different tact then getting all meta on Shiv. How is he expecting that to work? Shiv is very down to Earth, errm, Water? Erm, Swamp?

2. NaraskaePosted on Apr 24th, 15:22

\"Hey big lizard dude, I know you\'ve got me pinned but please consider letting me up\" kinda doesn\'t work....ever. I\'ve tried that tactic in D&D, General. It never works T_T Just force your way out and force him to eat his own arms off or something.

3. taylor_law - e-mailPosted on Apr 24th, 16:17

Maybe the General\'s plan is a bit more subtle than asking Shiv to let him go? Maybe he\'s just getting Shiv to monologue so he can get a proper leverage point on the car?

4. AnonymousPosted on Apr 24th, 16:30

Okay, that reaction of the general was unexpected. Maybe true evil can only return if there is true good? And considering how evil and good interact, it will propably be armageddon when both are in the mortal world.

5. AnonymousPosted on Apr 24th, 19:03

Interesting that the general would have the capacity for such concern.

6. AnonymousPosted on Apr 25th, 00:10

Things just got mildly silly.

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