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437 - All smoke and mirrors

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437 - All smoke and mirrors
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September 1st, 2014

Silent Pencil So its time for me to weigh in...yes i too was expecting the general do some epic stuff out that gate that would of resulted in the bridge breaking and everyone almost dieing from a lava bath.

I trust Marty though,everything is for the reason...plus we are finally getting to see Kirk isn't just a suit and tie. He can hang with the supernatural.

Baron should be scared facing someone with no such powers but not afraid to fight a creature of the night.

Now to address Mr. Jonathan about his captain kirk comment.....now besides that being a hilarious idea for inspiration of Kirk(which i would enjoy). I don't see the similarities, Kirk isn't a playboy or a womanizer. He does run shit but doesn't have a profound manner of speech that forever sticks with you like the great captain.
I do like that our Kirk is in your face,will beat you down as he teaches you,filthy rich but still loyal and blunt as hell.

-Felle Jones


1. FellePosted on Sep 1st, 15:38

so it seems i mispointed(ya i just invented that) a word bubble in panel 4. I\'ll get the tech guys to update the correct version.

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