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598 - A Real Mount!

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598 - A Real Mount!
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August 26th, 2015

Quacker A mount eh?

Well, all I can say is tune in on Friday for the new battle look of Vendetta...and her mount.

-Marty Basto


1. LankhmarPosted on Aug 26th, 15:45

I think I spotted a small typo? \"my mean of transportation\" ---> \"means\"?

2. Yakumo - e-mailPosted on Aug 26th, 17:42

I love Dr. Wick\'s pauses there. Very much the apprentice charging far ahead of the master\'s expectations. @ Lankhmar0 yep.

3. ChristopherPosted on Aug 27th, 03:06

It looks like Vicky/Vendetta got a lot thinner all of a sudden. Side effect of that super serum?

4. Pablo Atristain - e-mailPosted on Aug 27th, 07:52

She was modified and was recovering before the fire that scarred her started.

5. Nicolas Rei - e-mailPosted on Aug 27th, 09:48

She made a reliable companion and mount? Wait, is she talking about Dark? She DID build his armour.

6. Hornet - e-mailPosted on Aug 27th, 13:28

Don\'t think so Nicolas, remember it\'s reliable.. Love the Docs sad eyes in the last panel, question is does he question her reason and work on the mount or that he didn\'t think to have such a creation made for himself already?

7. Marty BastoPosted on Aug 27th, 15:02

What if the mount is a gigantic Robotic Mr. Squeaks!!!!

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