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437 - All smoke and mirrors

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437 - All smoke and mirrors
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September 1st, 2014

Silent Pencil So its time for me to weigh in...yes i too was expecting the general do some epic stuff out that gate that would of resulted in the bridge breaking and everyone almost dieing from a lava bath.

I trust Marty though,everything is for the reason...plus we are finally getting to see Kirk isn't just a suit and tie. He can hang with the supernatural.

Baron should be scared facing someone with no such powers but not afraid to fight a creature of the night.

Now to address Mr. Jonathan about his captain kirk comment.....now besides that being a hilarious idea for inspiration of Kirk(which i would enjoy). I don't see the similarities, Kirk isn't a playboy or a womanizer. He does run shit but doesn't have a profound manner of speech that forever sticks with you like the great captain.
I do like that our Kirk is in your face,will beat you down as he teaches you,filthy rich but still loyal and blunt as hell.

-Felle Jones


1. FellePosted on Sep 1st, 15:38

so it seems i mispointed(ya i just invented that) a word bubble in panel 4. I\'ll get the tech guys to update the correct version.

2. RaithPosted on Sep 2nd, 19:29

While we can see the eye-glow shouldn\'t that bubble not have any pointer at all so it doesn\'t give away his position to Kirk?

3. Nicolas Rei - e-mailPosted on Sep 2nd, 21:40

Kirk is smart, that voice can likely be used to predict the attack and counter. My question is, did the vampire hide in the fog, and therefore is open to staking... or become the fog. Which means either re-solidifying could stake him, or he might be able to bite without solidifying completely. Which is one of the most suck-tastic cheats ever. or is it all an illusion/mind fog.

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